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Street Fighter Inspired 3D Character

Hello everyone! New here, my friend recently introduced me to polycount to help improve my works. So here I go!

This character was created for a school assignment (over 15 weeks with other assignments) which was to create a character for an existing 3D fighting game, which I chose Street Fighter V. I can tell I didn't hit the style properly, but regardless I do like how she turned out. 

Programs used:
3DS MAX | Zbrush | Substance Painter | Photoshop 

Pipeline: Concept > Block in Zbrush > Retopo in 3dsmax > Textured in Substance Painter > Rig in 3dsmax > Render in 3dsmax 

The character is in turbosmooth mode for the renders, except for the wireframe. 

Polycount - 15k+ 

My first time doing a facial rig in 3dsmax with morphers, it was an interesting experience, but it seems like a very data heavy way? 

Inititally, I wanted to combine a Venus fly trap and the art of jujitsu into the design, I think I managed to slide the jujitsu aesthetics in, however I failed to showcase the venus fly trap aesthetics. 

What do you guys think? and it would be great to hear some feedback for this work.

Thank you for staying! 


  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    About the facial expressions:
    You've completely ignored and/or didn't account for the nasiolabial fold, and so almost all the expressions look uncanny.

    Design feels ho-hum.  I feel like it warrants a revisit since I like her face.  Hair needs to be treated with anisotropic shading and also reads like palstic isntead of hair.  Look at Overwatch's Tracer for a specific rendering target.

    Limbs like the knee need way more topology to collapse and bend them properly.  You gave them the same density as you gave the shin.

    Jackett looks decent materially.  Shirt needs micronormal detail of its threads to materially separate it from the jacket.

    It's a decent start.  I would recommend continuing to polish this with the revisit to the retopology and texturing, and you'l have a solid portfolio piece.
  • krileyarts
    Appreciate your time to reply and critique my post! 

    I think I tend to get too caught up with trying to finish each step to move on and miss out finer details along the way. I'll take note of these when I touch up this character, as well as for future projects. 

    Thank you again and hope you have a nice day. 

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