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Antimatter Games is looking for a Senior Hard-Surface 3D Artist

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Application Link: https://antimattergames.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=36

Are you an experienced 3D hard surface modeller with a background in props and weapons? Are you familiar with 3D pipelines with an eye for detail and prestige? Are you someone who wants their work to be seen by an audience of millions of discerning and passionate fans? Do you want to work in a growing team of developers who are passionate about making games? If you answered yes, then Antimatter Games wants to hear from you! 


With your experience creating beautiful and functional 3D assets, you will join a diverse team of level designers and artists working both in-house and internationally. Your day-to-day work will include creating hard surface assets in 3DS-Max, implementing in UE4 as a key part of the art team, to deliver our games with the highest visual standards. 



  • You will work to create historically accurate weapons, props, and other hard-surface assets for our in-house first person shooters.

  • You will be responsible for the creative aspects of recreating weapons from history to cater to our core USP of historical authenticity.

  • You will work creatively to concept hard-surface assets to go into fictionalised settings with a focus on creating assets which feel authentic

  • You will create key assets and textures and implement them in-game.

  • You will work with our production team to ensure all your work is correctly scoped and planned.  

  • You will work closely with our awesome art department, reporting to our Lead Artist, and ensure all assets made are consistent on a technical and artistic level.

  • You will optimise your assets to maximise game performance. 



  • You have a portfolio of visually impressive hard-surface assets. Props and weapons are ideal!

  • You’re credited as an environment artist in at least one published game, for PC or console. 

  • You’ve worked in a visually realistic style before, preferably utilizing 3DS Max.

  • You have a strong understanding of the strengths and limitations of the technical pipelines used in contemporary game engines.     

  • Your excellent eye for aesthetic style, colour and detail fuels your skills in the creation and recreation of fantastic weapon and prop art.

  • You have a strong understanding of how to maximise the technical elements of environmental design to increase visual fidelity. 



  • An understanding of shaders and how they are used in UE4.

  • Other technical skills related to 3D art and visual asset creation, for example an understanding of particle effect creation pipelines, or 2D Art skills.

  • A means for communicating your visual ideas effectively at the concept stage.

  • Strong understanding of art pipelines and use ofUE4.

  • Experience with Substance suite or Quixel

  • An understanding of the inner workings and/or history of contemporary and historical firearms



Antimatter Games is Cornwall’s largest game development studio. We developed Rising Storm, PC Gamer’s ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year’, and the critically acclaimed sequel Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.  We are currently busy developing first-person tactical shooter ‘83 as well as working on a currently unannounced project. 

Working for Antimatter means working on exciting and innovative video games every day!  We have a strong company culture, where our employees are encouraged to have an excellent work-life balance. We want to support our team to become the best developers they can be, whatever their department.    


At Antimatter Games we believe you can have your cake and eat it! You shouldn’t have to live in the city smog or endure hours of expensive public transport to make great video games. This position is an exciting opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful, idyllic places by the sea in the UK – where the cost of living is far better than the city – and to be part of a talented team as we continue to grow and work on ambitious projects!


Falmouth is home to our studio. It has been voted one of the top places to live in the whole of the UK, loved for its vibrant arts & creative atmosphere, with lots of great events being held throughout the year.

On weekends and evenings, our team can be found cycling, surfing, kayaking, swimming, beachcombing, walking, enjoying live music or capturing beautiful sights by camera. On rainy days you might find a friendly game of Dungeons & Dragons or a book to read by the fireplace. Sometimes we also play video games!

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