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Finished rigging Mera! Took a while cause I had to build shaders that work in Maya`s Viewport 2.0 and an atlas system for the wrinkle maps.. The goal was for the animators to be able to preview the model with the same quality as in Unreal Engine.

Tech details:
- F.A.C.S. Based ( (Facial Action Coding System)
- The rig uses 170 blendshapes retargeted and simulated to fit the physiognomy.
- Limitations are put in place to help the animator or mocap data avoid combining blendshapes that don`t mix.
- Custom DX11 PBR skin shader with dual lobe specularity, deep scattering, fuzz map, wrinkle maps, bloodflow map... close to the skinshader in Unreal Engine.
- Custom DX11 PBR eye shader with physically based refraction, iris control, caustics. Similar to the implementation from Unreal Engine ( Works with that geometry )
- Procedurally created anatomically correct jaw that respects proper protrusion.
- Python GUI with pose manager, controller lock ( freezes everything else ), mirror.
- Stretchy IK Tongue Rig.

Rigged by Emilian Burcea
Special thanks to Georgian "Nimlot" Avasilcutei for providing the wonderful model. Be sure to watch his stream on twitch because he knows his stuff, and I`m sure everybody has something to learn from his workflows.

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