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[PAID] 3D artist for 6 stylized characters for Unity HDPR project


We are currently developing a horror game which focuses around the diversity of human perspective and the fight and flight response.

At this moment we are looking to hire a 3D artist to complete 6 character models + Rigged (if possible) for HDPR Unity.

The 6 model scope would be similar to the following: https://skfb.ly/6PARz

  • Required Diffuse map, Normal map, and Mask map.
  • Character concepts are largely complete but open to artistic additions and interpretations.
  • Average 10-20k poly per model.
  • The textures will be shaded using the HDPR lit shader.
  • Certain character clothing pieces will be removable, thus modeled seperately. Such as masks, hats, and shawls.

Should we interest you please send-message here or email us at octolopestudio@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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