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[REV-SHARE] Looking for 2D Artist for UI Elements design

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Hello there, Bugless Bytes is a team of indie programmers and 3d artists that is working on design and development of an android game, which is basically a drone racing game and we are done with programming and modelling part for our 1st demo release and now willing to move ahead and work on 2D part of game. We are currently a team of 4 people, 1 programmer, 1 music lead, 2 3d artist and open to include 1-2 2D Artists for helping us with final stage of our game.

Please note that the game will be free of cost initially (demo) since this is our first game., Though we will consider some ways to monetize it, most probably advertisement, however overall it is to be made very clear that there is very less chance of having revenue. Our main goal is to learn and establish a decent portfolio as a group.

here's a very old work-in-progress game play footage showing DRONE AI automatically flying drone. note that graphics have improved more than shown in video. We can't share current progress of game here.


Please send us a message on our fb page to connect since this post is posted on various forum so might be hard for us to reply here

link : https://www.facebook.com/buglessbyte/

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