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Fitting Quixel Mixer into Game Modeling Workflow?

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So I'm a bit new to 3d modeling for games - my background is in game systems and mechanics design, but I'm working on a solo project in my spare time and part of that has been taking my so-so modeling skills are working on them. Apologies in advance if my workflow is less than optimal or if I'm making rookie mistakes.

Recently been playing around with Quixel Mixer. It's a very cool program, and coupled with Megascans it has me very excited about the materials I can create. My problem is that every tutorial I've watched or read has only covered how to create "mixes" as they call them, and not how to actually integrate them into 3D models more complex than a simple plane. My usual workflow is, at least for hard surface modeling, high poly -> low poly -> UV unwrap -> normal bake -> texturing. If I were working on, for example, the bridge of a spaceship the interior space would be one mesh with a single texture, and each piece of set dressing (captain's chair, holographic display, computers, etc) a separate mesh.

How do I best utilize Mixer in my workflow? Do Mixer materials have a means of importing UV maps? Is there some type of live painting features when I can import my low poly model into Mixer? I really am completely lost here 😅


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