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Here's a new project I'm working on. I want to try to show the progress in a thread here, I'm still not sure how this site works.

Here is how my model look now. The hi-poly is of the character is mainly done. 

calvin bastian novice knight

Translating a 2d concept to 3d is a challenge, I changed the face and proportions a lot since I started, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it looks now. 
This project served as my final project of the year, I've been learning a lot of new stuff since July so I want to compile all my new skills to this project. Hopefully, I can finish this before the year ends. 

My final goal of this project is to make a mix of stylized and realistic render. I want the model to still look stylized but the textures and lighting are more realistic. I'm still not sure how I should handle the hair, whether I should use hair cards.

It's based on a concept by Kyoung Min Yoo 

Note: Compared to my previous study project posts, this particular project hasn't been getting much attention on my social media. It does looks good to me, but others don't care (?). Is it that bad? It makes me question if I should continue to do this project, whether this will be a waste of time or not. 


  • HarlequinWerewolf
    Cool concept and I like how you've translated her face, it looks like the original concept but it works well in 3D too but to me, her chin looks a little pointy. I think the shirt needs some attention - the white sleeves - they look a bit solid, not thin or light like I would expect. As for the hair, if you're going for realistic renders and textures, I think hair cards would work really well, but it's not a topic I know a lot about. 

    As for social media stuff, if you are discouraged by your work, you have every right to stop working on it, but you shouldn't ever be discouraged by the whims of social media. Whether is 0 likes for 100, you should be making art that you want to (if you're doing personal work, that is), please don't kowtow to the belief that more likes = better work. This is an interesting project and it seems like it's a consolidation of learning project for you, so I really think you should keep working and take all of that learning and put it into something awesome! Not just for the likes, but for yourself to look back and see how far you've come. 
  • Blaizer
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    keep it up! you are doing a fine work here, it won't be a waste of time.

    And don't worry about social media, it's impossible to get the same exposure with all images we post there. Just make what you love to make, and forget all the nonsense around "likes".
  • calvinevan12
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    calvinevan12 polycounter lvl 2
    @HarlequinWerewolf  @Blaizer
    Thank you for the kind words and feedbacks. I've fixed the faces a bit and is looking to better the shirts. I'll probably use hair cards at the final render,  since I want to improve on it too. 
    I'm going to finish this project anyway, social media is a good place to get feedbacks, but I see that we really shouldn't focus too much on it. 
  • MIMDIAmond
    Look who's here. I love your style and I always follow your works. keep it up, my friend. 
  • calvinevan12
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    calvinevan12 polycounter lvl 2
    @MIMDIAmond  Hey! The feelings's mutual, thank you!

  • calvinevan12
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    calvinevan12 polycounter lvl 2
    This project is finished. You can check it out on my ArtStation:

    calvin bastian novice knight1calvin bastian novice knigh2t
    This project took longer time than I planned it to be, and while I'm not 100% satisfied with the end result, I really learned a lot. I'm looking forward to learning more and improve my work.
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