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EmberGen - A new tool for creating volumetric fire, smoke, and explosions in real-time

My name is Nick Seavert and I'm the founder of JangaFX. We're working on an insane new tool called EmberGen (still in alpha). EmberGen lets you create volumetric fire, smoke, explosions, and other volumetric effects within seconds. This tool is tailored towards VFX artists in the game and film industries, however we're making it so that it's easy for anyone to pickup and learn, as we ship with over 20 presets that you can learn from.

If you want to add great volumetric effects to your CG renders, our software exports VDB files, the industry standard volume format. So our software is compatible with renderers like octane and we have customers producing some awesome work within it. If you're working in games, we have tools that allow you to create flipbooks/sprite sheets in seconds with all of the data channels that you need (final render, smoke, fire, motion vectors, normal maps, etc).

Our twitter contains tons of great videos as well showing off what the software is capable of https://twitter.com/JangaFX

You can learn more about our tools at https://jangafx.com/software/embergen/

Here are a few videos to show off what the tool is capable of: 

Please let me know if this is something that interests this side of the 3D community! :)


  • armagon
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    armagon polycounter lvl 9
    What are the main features of this compared to Houdini and Fume FX for Max/Maya? Why should I buy a separate license for it?
  • JangaFX
    armagon said:
    What are the main features of this compared to Houdini and Fume FX for Max/Maya? Why should I buy a separate license for it?
    @Mark Dygert pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    Where our software is better is that it's real-time, and it has workflows built specifically for games. Videos truly don't do it justice. Within minutes you can have studio quality flipbooks for your VFX. And then from here you can export just about any data type you need: Final Render, Normals, Motion Vectors, Emissive, 6 Point Lighting (automatic rig we have).

    The other tools you mentioned take hours or days to get anything good out of them, while with our tool if you change a parameter you instantly see it update.. no need to re-render or preview the renders as it's all changing in the viewport instantaneously. Then if you have a simulation that you like, you can create variations within seconds and quickly update your textures in engine. We save artists and studios time and money.


    This brochure link lists out tons of features to show what we currently have.
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