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Missing Shadows in Marmoset Viewer

Hi there, hope you having a great day :)
Im working in an enviroment and i have a problem when i export every single prop to Marmoset Viewer... 

In the renders the props look like this:

But when i export it to Marmoset Viewer happens this;

The shadows are gone... Is like the shadow catcher is missing... :angry: I tried everything, i changed the type of light, i turn off the ambient oclussion in the render... But i ran out of ideas...

Any magical fix out there? Thanks for reading :+1:


  • EarthQuake
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    There are a couple restrictions with Marmoset Viewer and shadows:
    1. Spot lights do not cast shadows in Viewer.
    2. Viewer can only render shadows for up to 3 lights, the 4th light will not cast shadows.
    You can find the full list of supported features here: https://marmoset.co/support/?page=viewer#features
  • Capellonzo
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    I see that you know all the different features of Marmoset Viewer, i have a problem and i do not know how to fix it. 
    I am not a 3d artist and i'm using viewer only to show some design projects on a website. 
    I have a problem on exporting shadows on Viewer from Toolbag. 
    As the guy above was saying on Toolbag everything looks  fine but on Viewer the shadow created by "Shadow Catcher" looks like a black flat surface. Is there a solution for this or do i have to give up on this feature? 

    I'll be delighted if you gave me an answer. Thank you so much. 
  • EarthQuake
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    What kind of light are you using? Only directional and spot light shadows are supported in Viewer, so if you're using an omni light that could cause issues.
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