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[WIP] Dion castle town from Lineage 2 (Unreal engine)

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Hey, polycount!

Long-time no see! I've come here again after a big pause in my personal CG research period. And here is my latest project I'm gonna finish (this time, hopefully).

Here is the plot.
I've got a big-time playing Lineage 2 back in my childhood, which was extremely touching, epic, and sometimes even really personal experience. I've rolled through the 2-3-4 chronicles and finished my journey somewhere near the Interlude. Got a hella big amount of memories and screenshots.

Not so long ago I've started to research the Unreal engine. thought that it might be great to re-create something from my childhood. So why not Dion castle town? 

Before starting the project I've made a little research, divided the town into several parts, cut houses into some re-usable modular parts (visually, of course), and also made a naming system that will help me not to lose anything in the process.

Here is my progress so far:

Blocking out phase-1

Blocking out phase-2, also added some basic landscape materials

Blocking out phase-3, added some height to the landscape, the whole city is blocked out.

A1, draft

A1, Scene testing

A1, Materials, and decals testing. White gradient near the ground doesn't look promising =\

Here is the part I've discovered I've extremely failed the original proportions

A1 version 2,0, new roof, more details, decals, and materials. Cops won't recognize you!

A1, version 2.2. Done with it, for now at least, switching for A2 now.

What else I'm planning to do with the city:
- Discover the possibilities to do NPCs 
- Add more details to make the city alive: more assets that will suit the atmosphere, particle systems, texture and model variations, everything controllable of course.
- Experiment with the lighting, a lot. Maybe even try raytracing, but not sure yet.

I see there are still some things to be fixed, but they are minor. Anyway, C&C welcome and I hope you like it so far. Would be great to hear your own L2 stories along with the feedback =) This is a pure non-profitable fan  project made for fun and practice. 

 (btw, I was surprised when I've discovered the thing that Lineage2 was made using the old Unreal Engine. lol)
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