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Trying to model a destructible building for Portfolio. Don't know where to start...

Hi all! I'm building my folio right now to hopefully get my foot through the door as a junior/intern in a local VFX studio. My friend that works in the studio as an FX artist explained the pipeline to me roughly and I decided to make a destructible building (since this studio is always looking for good building modelers) to showcase in my reel. I did a practice project and my friend liked the result but said I should work off of a live reference to show that I'm capable of replicating a reference image (which is part of the studio's pipeline anyway). Here's the result of the practice project: 

All pieces are separate (roof shingles, wood beams/planks, drywall, plywood, etc.). Although some objects are overlapping - now I know not to do that in the next project!

My only concern after working on this project is, how could I go about making a full sized building from reference? How do I work the measurements/proportions vs a real building that I take a reference picture of? Do I go through the same procedure of the practice project? Any VFX modelers that have a standard pipeline to follow for this? My friend is an FX artist so she has no idea and I don't know where to start.

If I could get any piece of advice, it'll be amazing, I just want some sort of sense of direction because there are literally no tutorials or articles that I've found on the internet. 


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    An example in depth physics based workflow enabling a 'explode' modifier, particles and smoke sim, just as a general overview of the various techniques implemented, natively.

    (...old'ish tute via my particular DCC app of choice)

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