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[WIP] KrishnaBai Temple- UE4 Project

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Neel_Parekh polycounter lvl 4
Hey everyone!
So I am starting this new environment based on Krishna Bai Temple in Mahabaleshwar in India.
I think it's a good reference to understand the modular workflow, use of deals etc. 
I started with basic block out of the scene.
Everything is pretty much modular like pillars, archs on top of pillars, the walls.
The floors are just single mesh, which will be later broken up in chunks as per modular needs. 
I am planning to use some Megascans textures as base and later texture it up a bit more for specific Modular elements.
I am working on this for 3 to 4 hours almost daily after work and on weekends.
Everything is modeled in Maya.

Next steps will be to start the sculpting of a pillar


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