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legi polycounter lvl 4
Hey there folks!
So, I'm looking for come critique on my portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/legi
I have been doing 3D since 2009 in highschool, but only decided to really get into it at 2014 in college.

The last 2 months I have applied to a ton of studios, hoping to get my foot through the door, but despite applying for senior or junior positions (gotta aim high), hell even internships, I cant seem to get a positive reply.

I would really like to know what needs improving, as I would like to know where to go at this point.

Thanks! =)


  • Taylor Brown
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    Taylor Brown ngon master
    Hey there,

    You've got some cool work and then some okay work. Out of all of it, the banjo felt strongest. I feel like you'd be in a better position if you trimmed out all the quick projects, older less impressive pieces and the simple dioramas. Getting a full environment in engine with props as high quality as that banjo would be great. Or atleast continue on with props of that caliber and beyond.

    Oh and I'd start looking around on artstation to get some ideas for stronger presentation of your assets. Wahyu Nugraha, Duard Mostert and Mario Dalla Bona are some of my favs. Sharp, readable and with exciting angles.

    Keep grinding!

    Edit: Had a better look (was on mobile prior) and have some more thoughts. Assuming you are going for game art, you really need to start optimizing your models. There are micro bevels everywhere that a normal map could handle and very dense areas on your models that could be trimmed drastically while retaining the right look. I'm also seeing quite a few shading errors, which is a shame and avoidable. Attached a pdf that might help you a bit. I'd focus on producing one top tier, AAA quality hero prop that will show you understand your fundamentals.
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