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AustinLabarbera polycounter lvl 3
Hello everyone, 

I am a grad student at FIEA in Orlando Florida. I worked in sim for two years, and would like to get into the games industry as either a texture artist or prop artist. I have about a year left of school, and am hoping to find a job/internship by August 2020. I just went ahead and made a big update to my portfolio yesterday (added a few things and cut a lot of stuff out) and would like to get a full critique of my current portfolio.


Thanks everyone! I really appreciate this! 

- Austin


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    Hey Austin, I'll go through your portfolio and let you know my train of thought!

    1) Cannon: Looks neat. The rope couple use a lot of work in the texture department. Probably would be a good idea to straighten the UV of the rope and increase tiling on the rope material in Substance. Try having your rendered wireframe quads, not triangles. You've got a lot of really long triangles which are a no-no. You should probably work on even polygon distribution as I see areas with a super dense amount of polygons, such as the ball shape at the back of the cannon. The sculpt looks dope, good job! I'd overlay the wireframe on top of the colour ID just to cut down on how many images a recruiter will be looking at. The wheel axis doesn't attach to anything. For the main render, I am seeing way too much wood planking, would be cool if this was in an environment to break this up.

    2) Nerf gun looks cool! I'd say you could have made the beveling on the edges a decent amount larger. Once more with the polygon distribution, as the bullets have way too many polygons on them.

    3) Sign is a bit too simple to have in your portfolio. I could be wrong here as I don't have anything to do with photogammetry.

    4) Knife is cool, but I don't think it'll land you a job.

    5) Alchemist materials: Dope! same with the snowy road material!

    6) Kitchen floor: Take it out, not impressive enough for portfolio.

    Keep it up dude. Looks like you have the skills to make a full on environment, maybe try that out? Keep pushing the quality too.
  • AustinLabarbera
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    AustinLabarbera polycounter lvl 3
    Hey, thanks so much! Really appreciate the feedback.  Yeah I can get messy with the lowpoly. I think I might focus too much on polycount budgets. But thanks again ,I will absolutely put your feedback to work! 
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