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[WIP] Ongoing Diner Scene

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This is my first time posting here so..hi! Currently I'm working on making a diner in Blender (which I'll later export to Unreal Engine). I haven't been able to work on it full time due to other 3D projects for school but I'd appreciate for any critiques on improving it despite the likely slow pace. I'm going for a retro 50s-early 70s looking diner, however my original thought was retro-futuristic for the end as a visual story but I'm still thinking of the final idea as I'm going along. In terms of game references I've looked at Fallout, The Last of Us (tons of post-apocalyptic diner with a lot of character), and Final Fantasy XV. However my references are mostly old 60s diners, small roadside diners, and even some fast-food places like Five Guys.

Tell me what you think! This is a project I'm working along really slowly as it's more on the side than everything else I'm doing, but I also wanted to make it look really good for my portfolio for when I graduate, so I'll be doing a lot of refining here and there.


  • Oxlander
    Starting blockout/structure

    Closer details of table, chairs and bar area

    After finalizing more details on each asset and adding temporary materials, I duplicated them to come up with the diner layout

    Start of smaller props, salt and pepper shaker

    Start of adding door + window frame along with frames for posters to add on the wall along with more finalized tables

    Added ceiling fans as sources of light, may add other lights directly on the ceiling as I've seen is the case in some diners

  • Oxlander
    In the past 2 weeks I've started working on smaller props that will be populating the place to add more life and feel more "homey" (eventually with some changes like glasses/salt shakers spilled or broken)

    Napkin holder and cup

    Ketchup/mustard bottle with drink menu

    Not quite sure what this is (I believe it's for sauce) but I'll leave the reference below for someone to tell me

    Soda fountain machine that I'll end up scrapping and replacing because it doesn't fit as much with the overall 60s aesthetic/vibe I'm going for, but I may just keep it as it's own prop detailed prop work separately

    Replacement soda fountain machine that I'll be using, based on one from the 1950s/60s. It's also many more polys than that I'm used to working with (about 2,100) but I'm hoping it'll be fine as this is just for a small scene as opposed to a full game.

  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    Lookin dope so far!
  • Oxlander
    Thanks @Ashervisalis! Do you have any thoughts of what I can improve?

    Today I finished making a few more props after getting into the flow of things (a bit too much and forgetting to even eat lol).

    Started by making a light switch (may do another variant but this is probably one of the least important things for my scene)

    Added an extruding part to the bar area to rest feet as I saw is present in many diners (will have to move back the chairs/make the room larger as this isn't enough space to sit at all now). Also made the floor light blue and added white to the bar to remind myself that I also wanted to use these two colors as part of my general color schemes, since so far all the base materials are just red, black and grey. These won't be final colors though as the floor will be tiles that I'll make in substance designer.

    Made some additional small props; plates, bowl, mugs, and imported and edited a tabasco bottle I had made this summer. Also rescaled everything downwards because when compared the size of the plate, the cup was clearly too big, and as I started researching again, it was clearly the case. Originally I went to google to look for dimensions, and then I realized today that looking through Amazon catalogues is SO much faster for exact measurements that go with the type of prop. Wanted to include that here for anyone else that may find this useful. (I'm guessing Ebay would be the same if you prefer that)

    At this point I thought I'd done enough, so I just started blocking in 2 new props (a microwave and a jukebox), and the microwave kept going so I made it all the way. Originally it was a mix of new and old (rounded buttons and smaller handle of left but more square screens of right). So I made a duplicate that I made more retro looking, and returned to the first one (on the right) to add more square buttons and a larger handle to match modern some microwaves I found on google. Also made the microwave on the right blue with a bit of white to add retro colors for fun, since it won't be in the final scene (but may be used elsewhere).

    That's it for today, next update will surely be smaller or at least much later. Post any feedback you may have.
  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    What is this rendered in? Your renders tend to be really fuzzy. I understand it's not real-time, so full renderings would take ages. If its not real time, you should bevel corners of objects (unless you're still in blockout stage). If it is real time, bake the bevels down. Right now your scene needs a focal point, something to draw the eye and tell a story. I think you could scrap 2 of the ceiling fans. Add more divisions onto anything round, such as the plates or the circular front of the microwave.
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