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[Rev-Share] JRPG Style Project Seeking 2D Artist and Animator

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What we're seeking, what we're offering and a rough guide to the terms we're offering.

We are seeking an artist who can animate their own work for work on a JRPG style 2D game for post release revenue share. The artist in question will need to be competent in a number of areas and styles as they will be responsible for all in-game and promotional artwork including:

  • Concept art

  • Characters (full body and bust)

  • Equipment

  • Ability effects

  • Scenes and Backgrounds

  • Item Icons

  • UI

  • Splash Screens and other misc art

Whilst ideally we are looking for a single artist who is comfortable with all of the above aspects we are willing to consider multiple artists. In the case where we have to bring in multiple artists the profit share will be divided amongst the artists.

The revenue share will be 15% up to a value equal to £25,000 (GBP) contingent on the artist seeing the project through to completion. Should the artist pull out of the project before completion the 15% revenue share will be split amongst them and any other artists brought on to complete the project based on the contributions of each artist. The contract is for 12 months and a new contract may be offered should additional work be required.

The artist will :

  • Produce and submit wholly original artwork

  • Produce and submit artwork created specifically for this project

  • Transfer full copyright of all submitted artwork to the development studio

  • Produce clean artwork free of any watermark, signature or other type of mark

The artist will be required to submit a chart estimating the required hours for producing various types of artwork with examples.

Ownership of artwork produced for the project will be transferred to the development studio upon submission of the artwork and will be retained by the development studio regardless of whether or not the asset is used in the final product. If for any reason the project is unable to be completed the copyright of all artwork will return to the artist.

The artist should be familiar with Unity and its sprite/UI system and be able to test various artwork elements to make sure they work before submitting them.

Providing the artist's work is used in the finished project they will be credited in the project credits.

The artist will be required to sign a non disclosure agreement.

Project Details

The project we are working on is a 2D JRPG style project.

We are looking for drawn characters rather than pixel art. Characters and monsters should be adequately detailed and clean enough to work on any screen size, from handheld devices to large screen UHD televisions.

We are looking to use either animated sprite sheets or Dragonbones. The artist should be familiar with being able to animate in their preferred medium and in the case of Dragonbones be able to animate the artwork inside Dragonbones and create the relevant animation files.

We're seeking to have modular player characters in the game so that players can customise their party members visually. Things such as male/female body, hair, eyes, nose, facial hair should all be produced as separate sprite sheets with identical sprite coordinates for each animation type so that the player can fully customise the character.

Players will be able to change the class of each character during gameplay and each class should have a number of stance postures and animations to differentiate them from each other. Each class will also be able to use multiple weapon types and their stances should change appropriately.

We look to have a wide variety of armour for each available gear slot, with male and female variants of each where appropriate. We want these gear pieces to be visible on the character. Currently we wish to have the following gear slots visibly represented: Main Hand, Off Hand, Head, Body, Hands, Legs, Feet.

We are looking to have enemies equally as detailed and animated as the characters.

We will need busts for player characters which match their battler design, as well as busts for a handful of NPCs.

The artist will also be responsible for producing animated effects such as spell effects.

We hope to have interesting icons to represent items in the in-game menu, with gear icons representative of the actual look of the gear rather than a generic gear icon for each slot.

We will require a handful of battle backgrounds to be produced to fit the theme.

The artist will also be responsible for the splash screens, game logo and UI elements.

All artwork should be produced in fairly large scale 4k resolution with a good amount of detail, then scaled down for use in unity (where appropriate). The artist will be expected to review and test the scaled down version then create sprite sheets with the scaled down version (the sprite sheet layout will be provided). The artist will then submit the completed full size and scaled version of the artwork along with the sprite sheet.

Whilst we have a large array of enemies and equipment in mind and an idea of what they should look like, we'd also encourage the artist to submit designs they feel may be a good fit for the project providing they have been specifically designed for the project.

The artist should submit an initial sketch design for approval. If approved a single full sized and scaled version of each new artwork should be submitted for approval before work begins on additional artwork of the same item for complete sprite sheets.

Additional details

If you have any questions please send me a message and we will do our best to manage them. If you are interested in the position please message me with a link to your portfolio, plus a chart estimating the amount of hours required for the various stages (e.g. initial sketch, partial detail, finalised artwork, sprite sheet per panel ) of each of the art assets required by the project with examples. Please be realistic with your time chart, allowing time for alterations. We're looking for an accurate guide for the time you require to complete your work without rush.


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