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(WIP) (UE4) - Industrial Style Sci Fi Corridor

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Hey there everyone, I want to present a environment I've been working on in my spare time and I think this is the right time to do so.

The concept in question is a more industrial style sci fi corridor. I'd think it would be a challenge to do and would look more refreshing from the sleek and stylish looking sci fi environments.

To begin, I'll present the progression of this environment - from blockout to where I am at right now:

At the beginning was this blockout with some ideas for modular pieces. I also added a bit of atmospheric lighting to help figure out a mood from the references I had from concept art, to AAA games like Alien: Isolation and Dead Space. Asking for feedback, many people pointed out how generic this looked as well as how it didn't make sense in terms of an architecture standpoint. This was a moment where I decided to go back to the drawing board and look at different ideas.

At that point, I started to look at industrial styled environments like this:

Now I had a good direction with what I wanted, the environment then started to shape up really well, with more industrial inspired modular elements:

I really liked the symmetry and the composition that was coming together with this environment. I decided to also to put in some smaller floor lighting to make it pop a little bit more, which especially helped with the beginning of some basic texturing to get an idea of what this was going to look like in the end, this may change with future iterations:

C&C's appreciated!



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