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Unity HDRP Terrain Trees not working ! Version 2019.2.8f1

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VanessaCeline polycounter lvl 3
I have been trying to paint grass using unity hdrp terrain system. This is not supported yet, but as a workaround a lot of people use the tree system. Problem is, nothing appears for me when i add trees / grass. So far i placed the trees by hand, but for the grass that's just too much, and other external tools for object scattering that i've found so far are also not working.  I do not get any errors in the console either. 

  • Any idea why I can't paint objects in unity hdrp through the tree system?
  • Are there any other workarounds for this? 

For now i created a mesh out of the terrain as a double and use polybrush to scatter objects but that s way to slow since it does ot scatter enough objects at the same time. I'm on a deadline so any help would be really really welcome :( 


  • TheGabmeister
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    TheGabmeister interpolator
    I'm on a deadline so any help would be really really welcome :( 
    I don't have a solution to your problem, but I thought HDRP was not meant to be used in actual projects until it leaves preview (Unity 2019.3). Certainly, there are issues with it right now.
  • VanessaCeline
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    VanessaCeline polycounter lvl 3
    @TheGabmeister I expected problems... but with so many features i did not expect to not be able to place grass / trees. I found workarounds for most problems until now but this, been through 10 asset store tools and also a few scripts so far, some don't work, and some work but not in a way i'd like them too. 

    What bothers me more right now is why the terrain trees works for some and not for me. They used that system in the book of the dead as well, other people use it too for grass placement. My last solution would be to use another version of unity and hope that all goes well, ofc doing a backup before. But i'd like to keep that for when i m out of solutions really..

    Besides polybrush (which is slow), since i have an exported terrain, i was thinking that i could do instances of the grass directly in 3ds max and merge them in big chunks to export to unity. But i think the wind shader might look weird in that case. 
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