(WIP) (UE4) Notting Hill Street Environment

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Hi all,

I have been working on this in my free time and I felt it's a good moment to get some feedback before I go on further. There is a lot of work that I still need to do. I have based this on a street in Notting Hill, which was around the area where I used to live. I loved the types of buildings they have there and how different all of them are. The meshes in engine are the main modular blocks so I can edit them easily. 

Moodboard and reference gathering. I have used Google Streetview as a useful method to get a lot of reference of the things I exactly needed and I established that in order to work efficiently i need to make sure that all my pieces work together well to make a lot of variation. 

Early stage blockout to get shape and proportions correct. I tried to get the blockout in Engine asap to make sure that everything works together well. 

Importing and trying out textures for the walls. 

Added basic lighting which made me spot the anti aliasing issues I am having with the windows.

Current stage where I am now. I can see several issues with AA that  can be addressed and I feel i like the direction this lighting has. Still lots of work to do but any feedback at this stage is welcome! 


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