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I am Looking for a 2D artist for an iOS Mobile App Game

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I am currently looking for a 2D artist to join me on a project to create a new Mobile App Game. I am currently still in the planning stages of the game, but it will be tower-defence type of game.

The 2D artist will be responsible to create most of the art asserts. This includes game backgrounds, static items and most importantly 2D Character Sprites. Artwork will need to be in Chibi style.

This is a serious project. I am a professional developer and have done this before (Solo) where I recently released my first iOS mobile game onto the App Store (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/golem-needs-food/id1489044969). Having successfully launched my first game, I am looking to expand my portfolio.

This role will be an unpaid role, but upon successfully releasing the game onto the App Store, you will be named in the credit.

Please feel free to contact me if anyone's interested and wanted to find out more.

Many Thanks


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