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Warhammer 40k Servo Skull feedback

Hello all,
I'm currently working on a Servo Skull model from the Warhammer 40k Universe for a university project
the model needs to be game ready so bear in mind that the renders are at 4k whilst in game it would likely be 1k, but that is relative to its use in game, and any all feedback would be appreciated, also I'm a first time poster so please go easy on me. 

below you can see two high resolution screenshots taken in marmoset toolbag (first time using it) please let me know what you think below

Sketchfab link: the model is currently in 4k but as previously mentioned it would be lower for use in game

Below are a number of wire-frames of the model in its current state, I have yet to begin optimization 

I'm aware this post is a little sparse for information but any feedback at all would be much appreciated thank you!

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