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FPS: looking for Weapon/ Hard-Surface Artist, Environment Artist, Texturing Artist and more

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Delthor node

Project Name: Unrivalled

Roles required: Weapon Artist, Hard-Surface Artist, Environment Artist, Texturing Artist, 2D Artist, Concept Artist, Musician or SFX Artist, Playtester, Gameplay Recorder and more.

You can see what the objectives currently are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ubVazAt_vkGgRJSirV6BLksHivnWOt0TVcEmfkKpYWc/edit?usp=sharing

Unrivalled Development Team: a small team assembled by me. Unrivalled is a big project made by an experienced programmer and weapon artist who’s passionate about FPS

Payment: no revenue for anybody on the team. If you contribute, your name will be in the credits. We do this for learning and fun

About Unrivalled: Unrivalled is a multiplayer FPS focused on weapon customization and tactical gameplay.

If you feel like you can be of help (one asset made every week is enough), feel free to drop me a DM with your portfolio. If you wanna learn more or play the alpha (https://delthor-games.itch.io/unrivalled), DM me as well. Thanks in advance!


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