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[PAID] Need an Experienced Character Animator and Rigger for Sci-Fi FPS Project

I am looking for a character animator and rigger with experience developing games in Unity Engine, and enthusiasm for science fiction and first person shooters.

For additional context, I am currently a Product Manager working full time at Riot Games, and this game is a side project that I hope to release one day. I do not need a full time animator and rigger on the project right now, but I am happy to pay for all character design and iteration work.

Necessary Skills
Professional-level Maya character animation and rigging experience
Unity Engine experience
Demonstrated character animation and rigging skill set
Ability to translate verbal direction or visual reference into memorable animations
Able to take feedback well and properly it in future iterations of work

Experience with animating and rigging characters for first person shooters
Professional-level Unity Engine experience, with a deep understanding of its animation and timeline tools

Please link or share your portfolio when applying.
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