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[Rev-share] 2d animation artist needed

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Jadav polycounter lvl 5

we are creating a 2d anime something similar to avengers assemble 2d anime series.We are in need of 2d animation artists who can do 2d animations frame per frame animations.This is a good oppurtunity for freelancers who have 2d animation skills and also who can match the quality of our 2d animation video with avengers assemble 2d anime series.Here are the brief descriptions.


1. 2d animator 
2.2d enviornment artist
3.Storyboards artist


 We are extremely conscientious of our work and continuously uphold a high level of quality throughout our project.
We are unable to offer wages or per-item payments at this time. However revenue-sharing from crowd-funding is offered to team members who contribute 11-15 hours per week to projects, as well as maintain constant communication and adhere to deadlines. Your understanding is dearly appreciated.please contact archimondes1992@gmail.com or share their skype id via email also for this job.We already have one project and this will be the 2nd one.Hope to receive freelancers contact.

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