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Beginner Artist needs feedback

I am just getting into Digital Art and need some helpful critiquing of my work. This is also my first time posting.


  • mamcam
    Hey there, 
    I am not a profesional artists so please take everything I say with a grain of salt.

    First off, I like that you start off by using greyscales, this is an important step to understand shapes and lighting. You already used different values to emphasize these forms, which is a good aproach. For a beginner digital artist, you did a very well job in highlighting the different shapes in a human face.
    However, your artwork still seems to be a little bit flat. I think you should try to be a bit less conservative with the darker values and work them into your portrait even more. You already did this in certain areas of the face (the nose for example), but overall your used value range isn't very diverse. Of course I don't know how the reference for this work looked like, but even if you add some tiny bits of even darker areas to certain features, the face could pop out even more. 
    What especially stands out is that her eyes still look very flat. You put a lot of care into the hairs of her eyebrows but seem to neglect all the tiny details that are visible on/around a human eye. By that I don't mean only the eye lashes, but the tiny folds around the eye, the overall spheric shape of the eyeball and the little details inside the Iris.
    Maybe you could try to start off with smaller studies of certain fatial features, like different kind of eyes, lips or noses.

    I hope this was of any use to you and I wish you good luck with your future work!
  • StaticChicken
    Thanks for your advice any advice from anyone is really helpful
  • SSquir33
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    SSquir33 polycounter lvl 12

    Lacking anatomy and value (light and dark) knowledge. To begin your studies: 

    Study the planes of the head and how light affects the planes. Google 'Asaro head' to get more pics - Don't colour pick, just eye ball and practice. Try focus on the values (light/dark). Use straight lines and strokes to show direction.

    Over time, you'll understand how light 'falls' on the face and how each plane is affected  - good luck - your paint shows promise
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