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Fan-made Mechassault Game Looking For Environment Artists

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Wolves is a fan-made Mechassault game being built in Unity. We've been working for two and a half years to make the best game we can. We have a couple maps ready to go that could use an art pass by someone with experience in 3D. I've been handling most/all of the 3D art myself over the past couple years but trying to be a jack of all trades means that one department suffers while the other gets most of the attention. That department is environment. If you have some spare time to go hands-on or even just to offer helpful advice, please email me at [email protected]

We know that fangames aren't taken as seriously as original indie games. Many fangames have large-scale ambitions that the creator couldn't hope to accomplish. I would like to think that isn't how Wolves is being run. If you need to see more about the game before committing to anything, you can find out more at https://wolvesgame.com

Here is what we're looking for in an environment artist:

-At least a year of experience in your craft
-A portfolio providing a solid snapshot of your technical skill (the tools you use aren't as important, I just want to see your best work)
-You should have a general understanding of Unity
-You should be able to provide fairly regular updates on your progress (not vanishing for five month spans)

If you would like to actually see some of the maps we've got going on, I'm going to fire up a thread on these forums to gather a bit of feedback. Note that I won't answer applications without a portfolio. It's totally fine to email me with advice though. Every little bit counts.
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