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Need feedback on this

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roshankarel polycounter lvl 5
I have created a very simple digital radio clock using the reference of dekogon on sketchfab https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/alarm-clock-b833fde05d9543688dfd21621c7a7e49 and i have tried to replicate it and need some feedback on this visit this https://www.artstation.com/artwork/W215k2  and share your thoughts


  • Jammilburn
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    Jammilburn polycounter lvl 7
    Not bad! I'd look into baking for softer edges, especially on the tuning control on the side (looks a bit hard edged/flat/lacking of normal detail). The blue and brown on the front is in the reflectivity channel for some reason, should be in albedo. Perhaps make the dirt on the display a little more noticeable/interesting (see the dekogen one), it also seems a little weirdly grainy.

    Also the on/off slider is missing, idk if that was intentional? :s:

    I would up the texture resolution too. Maybe look into how they screws are baked on the dekogen one, theyre sunk into the wood where as yours look kinda raised, on one side they look ok because of the lighting but normals will help.
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