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WIP Gothic Horror Character - Blood Priestess

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mfrederick greentooth
I started up a new piece recently!  Right now I'm calling her the blood priestess, but that may change as I continue to figure out who or what she really is.  I decided for this piece that I wanted to tackle my own design, since it's been a while since I've designed something from scratch.   For inspiration I'm referencing a lot of Gothic horror elements, Diablo, Bloodborne, as well as the art of Bogdan Rezunenko and Maxim Verehin.

Here's her current block in, I'm keeping her pretty low poly so I can just focus on shapes and flow.  I have a few more accessories and props I'm working on for her as well, that I'll show in a later post.

The face on the left will be a gold/metal mask that she wears to hide her true appearance on the right.

Comments and critiques are always welcome!  I'm hoping to update this fairly frequently as I continue to work on her.


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