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Substance Designer and Unity integration question

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gurtperk polycounter lvl 9
Hey everyone!

I've been looking around and trying to find suggestions on a new Substance Designer to Unity workflow. I have an idea I'd like to propose to anyone who might be willing to help solve this problem.

We’re in need of several Substance materials to be created and used inside the Unity game engine.  These substances will need to have a bunch of parameters that we’ll set via code inside our game. All the materials will need to take in a set of base textures (albedo, roughness, etc) as well as a set of pattern textures that will be overlayed on top of the base maps. You’ll also be able to change the pattern colors, scale, rotation and uv offset.

  • Would this be possible? If so, how complex would this be to create? Also, if anyone is interested to help short-term on this, feel free to reach out and msg me here and we'll start the conversation (paid).
Thank you!
(also Mods, if this needs to be moved to freelance jobs discussion or any other topic, feel free to do so. This is mostly a Unity/Designer based problem so I figured this thread would be the best fit)


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