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[WIP][Feedback] Sword in The Stone, Realtime Prop

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Hey guys,

I decided to create a thread here to show my progress on this prop i started way back in the king arthur challenge over on artstation, i never had the time to finish it and recently picked it up again because i felt it was worth finishing it up. I would greatly appreaciate any feedback about any aspect of the project!

Just a heads up im dumping some of my WIP posts from the artstation challenge on here for continuity's sake.


  • monagart
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    monagart triangle
    Love the detailing on you sculpt. Looking forward to seeing this finished!
  • Necrodark
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    Necrodark polycounter lvl 4

    Current Progress

    So i've just finished doing all the low poly meshes and uvs, as well as the bakes in marmoset. took me a long time but i finally got it down to about 15k tris which i think is alright for a hero asset, now the next step is to take it into painter and start working on the base materials to get a feel for the surface, after that i'll get to doing all the masks and storytelling texturing.

    I'm also gonna cook up a small scene for some cool renders (yes there wiil be a stone). I'm excited for it all to come together.
    As always feedback is appreciated.

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