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Character Modelling Practice - Feedback needed

Hello to everyone :)

I did a 3D Model based on this concept, any feedback would be appreciated since I am trying to learn.

Ok, here it is, step by step:

The High Poly Model made in Zbrush and you can see some visible subtools.
ActivePoints: 3.596 Mil
TotalPoints: 5.900 Mil

Here is the Retopology process I've made with Topogun and I have made each subtool separately. The image below is the whole model in 3D Studio Max

The next step is the Unwrap UVW

For this process, I first made Unwrap individually, each subtool/part. Then I combine the whole model, and then I click in Layout, that looks red in the picture.

That's all! :)

I want to ask something about Unwrap. What is, in your opinion, the best way to combine multiple object UVW into one UVW Map? Anything you want, in Maya or 3D Studio Max.

Thank you in advance :)

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