Substance Designer - Decorative Stone Wall

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ibanwar polycounter lvl 3
Sup Polycounters!

i share my latest work with you guys to have some feedback on it, any feedback is welcome! i would like to know what i can improve/change for my future Substance renders. =)


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis polycount lvl 666
    The design is dope for sure! I think you might have fell short on the roughness and colour, as it looks like mud right now. For the roughness, I'd give it more variation. More range. Maybe  slightly smoother in the more exposed areas as well. For the colour, it would really depend on the rock you were mimicking. Do you have any reference photos or a particular type of stone you were trying to replicate? Aside from that, the details, normal, height are spot on. Wicked!
  • ibanwar
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    ibanwar polycounter lvl 3
    Hey Ashevisalis! thanks for answer!
    I admit i didnt really work on the roughness and albedo, this was mostly a practice to merge substance SVG with Zbrush ^^ (i didn't said that because i though the render was good for me, glad you like it and gave me some intereting feedbacks! i will take care of these advice on my next substance :smiley:
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