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[UE4] Cyberpunk Inspired Scene - Arckin Cybernetics Lab

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srinivasjlkm polycounter lvl 4
Well this is my first ever Polycount post, so hopefully im doing it right.
Any advice , feedback would be helpful so that I could do better for my next scene, always trying to improve.

Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077,  Dr. Victors Lab, and this entire scene and lighting was created from scratch using that scene as my main reference. 
Of course I had to make a few modifications to the scene, but I am trying to get better at lighting my scenes.
And my first time using sequencer in Unreal Engine. Check out the video link. I wasn't able to Render High Res for the video as my Laptop keeps crashing and I realized my GPU was not enough, so had to settle for a compressed video quality.

Check out my Artstation for Hi-Res Images

Some of the Props used

Smart Material for Cardboard in Substance Painter


  • Sinister Exaggerator
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    Sinister Exaggerator polycounter lvl 10
    Looks great so far interesting scene and I like the smart material although as a main bit of criticism I feel like the leather seat cushions on the operating chair need to be rounded off just a bit more around the edges and a little more rounded than perfectly flat as it doesn't quite look like a leather cushion or padded material yet there should maybe just a bit of an impression that someone has sat in it if that helps.

    I also feel that the walls should have some grunge detailing and more detail in general as they look to be perfectly uniform from one another I wondered if you were trying to hide that with how dark the lighting in the scene is.
  • srinivasjlkm
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    srinivasjlkm polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks and noted on the roundness of the cushion, and regarding the walls I was trying to keep it fairly simple, but yes I should have added decals to have some detail and randomness in the background and not look so uniform.
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