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Stone Ground Material. How can I make this better?

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VanessaCeline polycounter lvl 3
Hey, I did this stone material today with materialize and one of my own reference images. The screenshot on the plane is made in unity

I am trying to achieve realism / photorealism for a project. Since this texture is tiling across a big surface, I can't really make details that are too obvious, but I will in the future use decals/ vertex painting to add more variation to it. 
  • Do you have any critiques or can point out things I can improve for the overall quality and realism? ( Example: Observation, Edges, colours, roughness, normal map, material properties, etc )
  • Would grass in between stone tiles look weird if the area is not raised? 
  • Would I get a better result if I used for example, Substance Designer? 
Thanks in advance! 

This is the diffuse texture that I used. Included it, maybe that helps with pointing some things out. 


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    Looks great :) I could offer critique but honestly I think everything I would say is artistic opinion, and this looks legit already.

    I'm not sure what Materialize is, but if you learned SD, it sure would open up your ability to make textures without needing to take a photo of them first (I'm assuming Materialize needs to use photos). It's a beast to learn though.
  • Evren01
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    Evren01 triangle
    That looks pretty good, but if you want to improve it you can add cracks on some of those tiles (not all of them). Grass would be a good varience but consider creating Moss instead of grass at the first stage. Also you can add height variences among the tiles. Some tiles could be more slope, some are less for example. And yes, if you redesign or edit your work with substance designer, you can definitely get better result.

    I was working on a similiar surface in substance designer, and when i added the stuffs that i advised you, it looked better to me. Let me share as an example it if you dont mind. This could be a flat surface, but with slope and color variences, cracks and mosses, it looks better.

  • KatzChimera
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    KatzChimera polycounter lvl 2
    I agree with the comments above. You could probably chip the small corners a bit more, just the corners and only a small amount to give it more of a worn feel like in your reference image. It can be hard to make it tillable with more grunge, but I am a fan of more layers of dirt and such going on to continue to push that sidewalk feel. More of a preference, but great work so far! It looks awesome! 
  • VanessaCeline
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    VanessaCeline polycounter lvl 3
    @Ashervisalis haha i know some substance designer and i like it quiet a lot to be honest. I already had the picture and i just tried out materialize too see what kind of result I'd get, but might remake it in Designer. 
  • VanessaCeline
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    VanessaCeline polycounter lvl 3
    @Evren01 Looking Nice! Hope I can make it more cracked without getting a tiled feeling, thanks!
    @KatzChimera thank you as well! i know what you mean, i also like to see stuff being really worn out 
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