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Sci-fi mothership

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Darth_Biomech polycounter lvl 10
I'm using this old model of mine, which was a crude blockout dummy for drawing over for my comic pages, as an exercise in trimsheet and decal workflows, aiming at the level of detailing that can be seen in "Fractured Space" spaceship models (Maybe not that noisy, though, I'm aiming at more classical 70/30 separation between rest areas and heavily detailed areas).
Can you guesstimate the length of the thing? =)

(Images are rendered via Vray so far, but I'm intending on putting it into UE4 environment eventually)

The thing that slightly worries me is that the model is barely detailed yet, but already the tris count is 130k (not including the polygons on the shuttles).  It is a large model so there should be a lot more details in it, yet it already has as much polygons in it as two main characters of an FPS game. I'm not sure if this is alright, considering the size of the thing, or I'm applying the technique incorrectly. Any advice and critique are welcomed!
I also wonder if cutting it up in blocks will be better for LOD management if it was an actual game asset...


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