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PAID Single lowpoly 3D character

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First time posting here so endulge me if I missed something.

I would like to have a simple lowpoly 3D character (around 2000-4000 polys).
The character must have UVs with some specific constrains (detailed later) and have enough polys in joints for animation (no skinning required).
Also the character must have four different upperbody models (like naked, with shirt, with short jacket and with long jacket).

The face shouldnt be modelled (it should be flat), so no beards or nose. Short hait but with volume.
Im aiming to something similar to Quake 2 characters in complexity.

The character should be a male, fit body but not over muscular, a little bit chubby (like a construction worker). His clothing should be a blend between a field scientist and a lumberjack (somebody that does research in the field, like taking plant samples, following animals), with plain clothes from the XIX century (cotton and leather cloths).

The aesthetics should be realistic (not cartoonish) although with the constrains I understand some simplification.
Should have correct proportions (although there is some liberty here) and textured body.
Im aiming to PS1/90s 3D era characters but a little bit updated.

No modelled garmends (everything should be in the texture).

Hands must be modelled.

The texture should be 512x512 and must have all body areas perfectly separated in the UV space (upperbody, arms, head, lowerbody) so it is easy to paint for users their own sklns. That implies no distortion (similar to how minecraft skins are aligned), so if they are distorted has to be in the mesh, not in the UV. No normalmal or specular required, just albedo.

Right now I was going with something like this:
But I want to have something that fit better the type of character and with textured (not flat colors)

Depending on the price range I would hire for another character for female.

Interested contact me to discuss price range. Im between 60$ and 110$ depending on the work quality and the additions.


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