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My personal monthly challenge or "A asset a day keeps the lead away"

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Dethling polycounter lvl 9
Hi there, 

after having some creative troubles in the last weeks I decided it's time to push myself back to track. 
For this I created a "small" challenge for myself: create one asset every 2 days (one day for research & modeling, one day for texturing & presentation). 
This way I want to push my skills and get back into "production mode".

Day 1/2
I started with the wall mounted med-station from the Mass Effect series (and changed it to a Com-Unit^^). 
It took roughly 10 hours from blockout to finished piece. 


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    Dethling polycounter lvl 9

    Day 3 & 4 of my „One Asset – Two Days” challenge.

    As a scifi Fan my portfolio really lacks spaceships and so I decided to do a spaceship for this challenge. I don’t want to go into full “Star Citizen” Mode, but create more of a low-poly but realistic model (inspired by the awesome models of Ansel Hsiao (https://www.artstation.com/fractalsponge)
    I took the awesome concept of the M-Wing by Herve Groussin (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9eL35a) and tried to go as far as I could in two days. I have to admit the modelling part took longer then I thought, so I had to add some night-shift to finish the texture, so basically it’s done in 2,5 days (~20 hours of work). 

    I also pushed the presentation and added a small turntable video, too. 

    Comments & Critics are welcome.

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    slosh hero character
    So, I can see the benefit of this if you already have an amazing folio.  Otherwise, it feels like ur creating art that ends up just being mediocre quality and not folio worthy.  Feels a lot like people who sculpt a head a day.  I can understand the benefit but only if u folio has solid content in it and its ONLY a learning exercise.  For most part, people who do this end up with low quality work from the exercise and end up cutting corners they really shouldn't.  Since your folio link is broken, I can't tell which category you fall under.  The 2 assets in this thread aren't bad but aren't great either.  Just a thought...
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    Dethling polycounter lvl 9
    Valid point. 

    For me it's more a motivational thing. After tons of rejections I needed something I can focus on and this was a way for me to focus on art again. 
    I also use this to try out different techniques and workflows to push myself further adn learn new workflows. 

    Neitherless you are right, the quality wouldn't be like my other pieces and I already think about picking a few of the assets afterwards and push them further or even build environments around them. 

    And thanks for the tip with the portfolio link, forgot to update it. 
    Updated it now. :)

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    Dethling polycounter lvl 9
    Slosh you made me think about this and after reviewing the two pieces I wasn't really happy with the outcome, especially of the spaceship. 
    That's why I put project 3 on hold and moved back to the now called "TIE-Wing" and spent some more time refining the textures, adding details and working on the presentation. 

    So far I'm very happy with the refinement (and thanks again for the feedback).

    Marmorset viewer and video can be found on my artstation site (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BmG6Wr).

    As usual comments and critics are welcome! 

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    Dethling polycounter lvl 9
    This time I tried to do something different, I wanted to achieve a stylized look using substance painter. Unfortunately it didn't really worked the way I though. :(

    If someone knows some good ressources for this style I would love to get my hands on it. 

    Weekend will be project-free due to some real-world events, but next week I will start with the next asset. Not sure what, but let's see. :)
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    Dethling polycounter lvl 9
    I wasn't able to add something to this "project" in the last days due to some work for the Fallout Cascadia team I have to finish up before. 
    This also gave me the time to re-evaluate this project.
    I decided instead of simply creating random assets I will create something which I can then put on the Unity Asset Store (hopefully).
    So I started with a little bit of brainstorming and research and finally decided to build a stylized scifi environment pack.
    My goal is to create a series of themed asset packs within this. Each pack should contain around 10 assets and if you put all packs together you should have all assets needed to build an environment for a simple game. 

    I will start with the "container"-module and plan to have this done end of the month. 
    Today I did the project planning and created a simple crate I can use as a baseline regarding texturing, details and overall style
    (nothing really fancy^^).

    (The crate is rendered in Marmorset, since I hadn't the time yet to setup a unity scene) 

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