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Personal Project #1: Trumpet


Time Frame: 2 Months, 5 Days 
*08/28/2019 - 11/02/2019* 

A project I worked on for over a month is the Trumpet. This project took a while to complete, due to college work, but I still managed to finish every step I learned so far in the 'Modeling Phase',even with the trouble that happened at every step, and this was a good way for me to practice Edge flow & Topology on more complex objects so I can advance my knowledge too.


  • Anura_Interceptor
    You've got to be doing subdivision modeling to make use of topology skills, low poly modeling doesn't need it since it's not deforming so you don't learn from deformation errors. I made the mistake of doing lots of low poly modeling since it's more intuitive but it didn't help my skills nearly as much as doing a normal workflow of blockout-->high poly-->low poly would have. Other than that, good work. Only problem I noticed is that the bottom part of that rearmost curve just below the mouthpiece is a bit rough and the area just inside the rolled ends of the mouth has obvious edges between the faces, probably a smoothing groups issue.
  • adrawingkidd
    Thanks for the critique but can you please go more into detail about Subdivision Modeling?
  • Anura_Interceptor
    Subdivision modeling is just where you turn on subdivision in your software of choice and it automatically smooths out and multiplies the faces of your model. One face becomes four faces, and everything is smoothed into a curve between the two neighboring edges. I found a video that gives a quick rundown on subdivision better than I can If you want to learn more about subdivision topology, check out Arrimus 3D's topology series. Check out Arrimus 3D for just about anything, he has tons of videos and knows his stuff. 
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