ZBRUSH snapping

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Yerus triangle
Does anyone know why my ZBrush tools stuck when I faintly wobble my pen, I need to improve my wobbling so the brush takes effect.
It's not because of lazy stroke, it's' turned off. It's not because of press 'n hold from the tablet configs, which is also turned off. What is it then?


  • kanga
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    kanga polycounter
    Only thing I can think of is its your pen, not zBrush. Looks like you have been through the basic troubleshoot. zBrush is incredibly sensitive by default, so maybe stuff you missed: try different usb inputs, update drivers, delete the drivers and reinstall new ones, reinstall a previous driver version. Check on the web if someone has similar issues. 

    Maybe another polycounter will rock up with better remedies.
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