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[PAID] Environment Artist for modern First Person Shooter game (Unity)

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We're looking for an experienced Environment Artist to help create environments for an upcoming first person shooter game. The game is being developed in Unity and we are now looking for someone to upgrade the art, and detail the world with props. We are targeting a realistic style with modern hardware, similar to a game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but on a smaller scale.

This is a remote contract position with flexible working hours. We have capacity for 5 to 20 hours per week for at least a month, with the possibly of ongoing extension.

What you will be doing:

  • Working in Unity 2018 to create 3D environments for a realistic first person shooter game.

  • Creating original props (modelling, texturing, etc.) for a realistic modern setting. E.g. crates, tables, chairs, shelves, bottles, junk, signage, debris, etc.

  • Creating original environment pieces (walls, floors, pillars, doorways) with relatively simple geometry and mostly hard-surfaces.

  • Filling environments with props to create finished areas that feel like a real place.

  • Working remotely with a very small team of enthusiastic developers to create a fun and unique first person game!

  • (Optionally ) Kitbashing Asset Store assets, asset packs, etc.
    (We value efficiency and intelligent asset re-use whenever possible.)

  • (Optionally ) Giving level design input and greyboxing new level concepts of your own to contribute to the overall game design.

  • (Optionally ) Interfacing with external art teams to increase production and create high-quality assets, if necessary.

Must have:

  • Considerable experience working in the Unity Editor, creating prefabs, etc.

  • Understanding of performance optimization when developing environments.
    (We are targeting mid-high end desktops, but may scale to consoles and low end PCs.)

  • Ability to follow a realistic PBR workflow with Unity's Standard shader or equivalent.
    (We also can use decals for added detail.)

  • Understanding of version control.
    (We use SVN for code and assets, but experience in Git etc. is equivalent. If this is a dealbreaker, we can teach this skill.)

Good to have:

  • Shipped one or more titles (or equivalent experience)

  • Understanding of procedurally generated and destructible environments

  • Understanding of lighting in Unity (baked/realtime/GI)

  • Ability to work autonomously and be self-directed on high level tasks

  • While we are making an FPS game for mature audiences, a sense of humour and creativity will help!

  • Level or game design experience. We'd love to hear your ideas!

About the project and team
We are a remote team based in Australia and Italy, and so communication will be done online through messaging apps and task tracking such as Trello. We also do voice calls (Skype, etc.) as required.

Normal Wholesome Games was founded by Andy Sum (Crossy Road and GAME OF THE YEAR 420BLAZEIT). There are currently multiple unannounced titles in development.

How to apply
If this sounds interesting to you, please email: [email protected]

(You can also email "hello at andrew sum dot com", if you are unable to send to the above address.)

Please include a link to your portfolio, information about your availability, and briefly explain how you meet the criteria.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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