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Light Infantry Character

polycounter lvl 3
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marvinator polycounter lvl 3
Hi there, could I get some feedback on this character I've been working on? The subject is a soldier from a fictional world war or early 20th century conflict. Character and weapon designs are my own (with many different inspirations). My goal is to make a piece that's good enough for getting hired as a junior 3D character artist. Let me know if there any issues I have missed so far.

character is ~50k tris, textures are PBR. Made with zbrush, maya, marvelous, substance, marmoset.


  • jose.fuentes
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    jose.fuentes interpolator
    off to a pretty good start, I would spend some more time on the hair, the hair cards themselves could use a bit more color variation, I would also create a "messy" or "flyaways" hair card, currently your hairstyle is really clean, big clean shapes which is nice, but if you were to add some messiness to it here and there, I think it would sell the look a bit better.  Lastly,  you can prob up the tris on your hair, its still pretty faceted 
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