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Untitled [WIP] - Critique appreciated

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fullpinkdog greentooth
Hey Polycount! 
Decided to start share my process of work and hope someone will give any feedback along this work. (ue4)
I want to create some kind of lab in cyberpunk/sci-fi styles, and currently i have collected some references and working on blockout  to understand what design of room i want and what assets will be in this scene and what kinda lighting will be.
Really inspired by Outer Worlds, i think guys from Obsidian made a great work in terms of design of interior environments, so i took something from this game.
In other hand i think concept arts by Andrzej Dybowski are awesome, in particularly Observer concept arts, so i took one of those as a main reference and will rework this a bit.

my references, still updating this collection tho:

main concept art by Andrzej Dybowski:

1st blockout:

wip composition, so focal points are main table and some kind of work place:

So, i guess i will keep updating this thread
and of course - thank you for your time!

Current stage - finished:


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