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[Eevee] Snowy Campfire

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rexo12 interpolator
This was an environment that initially started off with the Hard Surface prop for the October environment art challenge, and sort of grew organically from there. Rendered in Blender Eevee - i'm continually astonished by how powerful this engine is.
The crater is a simple sculpted plane, using vertex paint to blend between a photogrammetric material I scanned, and a snow material I prepared for this project in Substance Designer, and displaced a little using the scanned heightmap.

A look at the Robot prop (original concept by Ivan Rastrigin):
This particular model came out to 55k tris and 8 MatIDs, which is far too high in the context of the environment in my opinion, but it was initially made as a hero prop and conserving texel density was a high priority for me.

Feedback - or if anyone would like more information - welcome. Thank you!

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