Fire Hydrant

Hello polycount.
I did this fire hydrant. I did the modeling in 3dsmax and the texturing in substance.
Advices and critics are very welcome.
Thank you.


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis polycount lvl 666
    Hey, don't be afraid to terminate edges. You've got different poly density on on parts which are the same roundness.
  • JamesBrisnehan
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    JamesBrisnehan greentooth
    It's looking pretty good, but there are some things you could work on to make it better. Your tight spectacular highlights don't match well with the aged and decayed look you are going for. I think a rougher, more matte finish would work better. Also, The damage is looking very 'grunge map' which is hurting the realism. Try blending some generators and hand painting into your layer masks. Just be sure to pay close attention to your reference. 
  • lluc21
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    lluc21 triangle
    There seems to be some problems with the normals. It looks like it has a lot of pinching and shading issues. It is a bit difficult to see from those screenshots. I'd try and add a very glossy material to see where those issues are and then start working on fixing those.
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