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Stylized Building


The building is supposed to be in the World of Warcraft style! Any tips or comments greatly appreciated


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis high dynamic range
    Looks cool! It looks like it should go in a desert somewhere. I especially like the door and window. Here's some crit!

    1) Too many straight lines. Try bending stuff more frequently.
    2) Check out some references for WoW texturing. Try and copy those! Increase roughness variation as well.
    3) Try keeping your colour values around .5. If your colours are too dark or too bright, they will be more difficult to work with when it comes to the lighting stage. Stuff like your planks and railing pillars are all too straight, would be nice if some of them stood our of place a bit.
    4) A lot of your meshes intersect in an unrealistic way. Think of how the building would have been built, and create it that way.
  • ThisisVictoriaZ
    Thank you for the critique! I will try adding more bends and keep in mind the way things are built in future models. I read in an article on 80lvl that in WoW they only use Albedo maps, I was trying that method so maybe I could add roughness in the actual painted texture in Photoshop!
  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis high dynamic range
    Ah. If they only use albedo maps, crank that roughness to 1 on all your textures, since you'll be painting in the edge highlights.
  • ThisisVictoriaZ
  • Brain_Slave
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    Brain_Slave polycounter lvl 2
    You probably should check out some tutorials on making stylized textures. I remember some of them on 3DMotive and Cubebrush.

    You building could use some more secondary details, since right now it looks a bit boring. By details I mean adding some chimneys, wooden dragon heads, patterns etc.

    It's also hard to say what your building is. Is this a tavern? Or maybe a simple living house? Again, some details will help you  with identification.

    Oh, and it's also a good idea to add emissive map on windows in the future.
  • ThisisVictoriaZ
    @Brain_Slave thank you for your critique. Adding a chimney is a great idea and something I defintatly will be adding to this building, along with some little props to help distinguish what the building is used for
  • ThisisVictoriaZ
    An update on my building! I tried to listen to all the critiques I got from other people, as well as critiques I had for myself.  The changes I made were:
    Added a chimney
    Updated metal texture
    Fixed some geometry that was unrealistically inside each other
    Changed plaster texture
    Decreased roughness of textures

    I've also added small props that will be finished shortly!

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