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Let's make a Megaman X inspired 3D game

Hi wonderful artists!

I'm making a Megaman X inspired 3D-action platformer. Here's a vid of the fan game I made that I made as the base for this new IP game:

This is the main character, DeLTA (based on a model I found original on Sketchfab):

What I'm looking for:
  • Concept artist to tweak this design and finalize it. Mainly want to change her "gauntlets" and simplify parts of of design
  • Concept art for another character with a similar design (named AnneDROID)
  • Concept art for side characters (humans in lab coats like Dr. LIght and Dr. Wiley from Megaman)
  • 3D modeller to turn these into game-ready assets

If interested, feel free to contact me at [email protected] with work samples or a portfolio! I'm also on Discord at adamkareem#7299

About me:
I'm a solo dev hobbyist looking to make my first commercial game. I've made 4 games so far (3 fan games, 1 original), check them out here: https://gamejolt.com/@AdamKareem/games

I'm now looking to convert my "Megaman X and Zero" fan game into a full original IP. 
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