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Looking for a 2D artist for a Rogue-Lite game set in the mid 1900's


I'm a Dutch game development student in my last year now. Beside all the school project I want to start a serious (hobby) project.

The idea is a 2D Rogue-Lite game set in the mid 1900's. The main character wakes up in an asylum and has to escape. In order to do this he/she needs the help of the other patients but because they are not mentally well, they cannot provide you with the information you need. In order to find out, you have to enter their dreams.

These dreams will be the main levels of the game.

I am looking for a passionate 2D game artist who would like to be my partner for this project. If this is you, your input in terms of game design, mechanics and story will be valued as well, as the game is not fleshed out yet.

I would prefer someone who is capable of drawing and animating characters, props and environments in a dark-ish, lovecraftian style.

For now this is a hobby project and there will be no payments. Anything could happen though and might this project grow out to be more than a hobby one there will be a fitting revenue share.

If you're interested or have any other questions, shoot me a DM!


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