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[WiP] George Peabody Library

Hi! I'm Jay, i'm a third year game art student. I wanted to create this thread as a way to document my process and ultimately ask the community for critique and criticism of this portfolio piece I'm putting together. 

I initially decided I wanted to make a library. So I started out by making a mood-board of libraries.

After looking over them I decided on the George Peabody Library, I really liked this environment due to a large amount of modularity and sense of grandeur; I thought it would really help to test my skills and be an achievable goal. I then created a mood-board of reference I could find, along with an object list and narrative elements as a stretch goal. 

I then looked over other artists' work, especially 80.lv articles. This helped me to understand the processes and pitfalls. Afterwards, I looked to lighting imagery to help me when I move my blockout into engine. 

This is my blockout so far in Maya, I need to rescale the modular assets to fit the grid, and then I will be implementing into engine (UE4) and doing a rough lighting pass! 

Thank you for taking the time to read, I'll be posting updates weekly! C&C welcome.
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