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How to save smooth groups when objects are imported from Maya to 3DMAX?

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fbx  obj  two  ways  i  tried

so  look no problem   but   ineed  ues  turosmooth  with   smoothing group  setting


  • Thanez
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    Thanez greentooth
    IDK how to export hard edges from maya into smoothing groups in max. Maybe google can help there.
    But for this specific model, in your last pic, hit autosmooth in the red circle by a low angle number like 5.
  • oglu
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    oglu quad damage
    In most game pipelines you need hard edges only on uv borders.

    Cause of this i would ignore the hard edges on export and run a sript to create smoothing groups from uvs in max
    There are serveral out there.
  • poopipe
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    poopipe polycount lvl 666
    Maya doesn't do smoothing groups so they can't be exported. 

    There are some smoothing group generation scripts available - not always 100% reliable though.

    Failing that.. Can you derive creasing from hard edges in the opensubdiv modifier?  I've not tried 
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