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(Maya 2018) Animate a cartoony car

polycounter lvl 4
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bybyle polycounter lvl 4
Hello guys, I'm coming to you with kind of a "vague" question.

 I have to animate an old car with a cartoony style.
The reference I have is this video (the car in the begining) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x_Wsg1zjEw. I want the car to move like this. Like an old car about to disassemble.

Is there an efficient and not to hard way to do it or shoud I do it manually?

 Any techniques to achieve that kind of animation?

 Thanks !


  • kwyjibo
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    kwyjibo polycounter lvl 3
    Just put the car on a motion path, rotate the wheels and make the chassis vibrate up and down (vertical axis) maybe with a bit of random rotation thrown in. If you want to be clever about it, you could project the motion path onto the bumpy road, then attach a locator to the motion path and point constrain (with offset) the chassis vertical motion to that locator. That way you could have the bumpy road surface drive the vibration. You could smooth the curve too if it's too erratic. Might be easier and give more control to just do it manually though.  
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